Monday, November 8, 2010

So excited........I just can't hide it...

For some of us, keeping a secret is a pretty difficult thing to do...

Coffee ... check  .....

Morning news....check ....

Jay's lunch...check .....

Menard's Honey Pick Me Up List...Check......         

OK.... I'm  ready to roll on this morning! 

Now...... what was I  going to do?

Oh right, I was going  to share some great news! 

A few months ago I was asked to be November's Guest Designer over at Memory Works

I really didn't have to think about the answer!   Afterall, how could I say no???!!! 

Then it happened....

As soon as I said yes.....

the ideas began... 

the mind went on overload.....AND

Since one of my favorite words is "Believe"...

...of course a Christmas banner was in order!

Bottom Pennant:
I developed an SVG file and cut the pennant with my cricut.  (download free here)
  --free SCUT2 files at bottom of post

I cut the pattern 7 times, one for each letter, and inked the edges using ColorBox Cat's eye fluid chalk.

BasicGrey's flocked demask adds ... ohhhh la la la! for sure!!

Using my favorite Christmas songs, I typed in titles and printed them on white prism cardstock, cut and inked with ColorBox Cat's eye fluid chalk.

Next up?  Rosettes of course!

I developed an SVG file for the rosettes and cut them with my cricut. (download free svg here) 
Cut the pattern 7 times, one for each letter, then accordian folded each one at 1/4" intervals and set aside.

Then cut 7 - 2" circles, formed the rosettes and using hot glue, glued the 2" circle to the back of the rosette.  Hot glue dries fast! Gluing the 2" circle on the back and the hot glue both help the rosettes keep their shape!

Then I cut out the letters and shadows,  and glittered EVERYthing... including MYSELF!  

I LOVE glitter, but HATE when it gets all over everything, so I sealed it with modgepodge... and here's how I did it...

Finally!  Time to assemble!

1.  Lay banner pieces on flat surface and grab your hot glue gun!

2.  Apply hot glue to back of each Rosette (on back of 2" circle) and position on pennant

3.  Apply hot glue to back of each letter and position on Rosette.

4.  Apply Christmas music strip to top of pennant

5.  Punch holes in each top corner of pennant, thread tulle through and tie
         --When I tie the tulle, I like to leave about 1/2" between the pennants so they are able to move when
             hung. --Just adds to the 'flow' and beauty of the banner!

Download the SCUT2 pennant and rosettes free click here!

To see more of my projects and what's been happening, hop on over to the Memory Works Blog (click here)!

But Wait!  The excitement surely doesn't end here....

There's WAY more to come!

 Have you seen the November MemoryWorks Express Kit ???

I have some FUNTASTIC Christmas ideas cooked up and simply can't wait to share them with you! 

Stop back soon!  The UPS man just dropped off my November Express Kit....

WOW! It's beginning to feel ALOT like Christmas!!  Can't wait to share more with you!

Have a Craft Happy Kinda Day!  ~Rhonda