Sunday, December 20, 2009


Oh, this time of year brings back so many childhood memories... The sparkles...the giggles...and  .... ........ A N T I C I P A T I O N!!!  Ha, that word reminds me of the ketchup commercial.... simply waiting for the ketchup to come out of the bottle on to the perfectly roasted hot dog!!!  Giggles for sure!!!

Grandchildren are absolutely the most precious gift on earth....  Through their eyes I, myself relive my precious childhood memories!  For what would life be without those memories of locking grandpa in the outhouse!! :)  Oh Grandpa, I love our memories!

Grandma Rhonda is thinking Aaron, Sammie & Hailey are in need of a personalized gift from Grandma Rhonda!  So..... Here we go!

Aaron loves the Cowboys (Aaron, you really can choose your own team... really you don't have to 'go with your Mom & dad's pick!!  -- I'm not sure what your mom & dad are thinking but I'll go with it cuz I love them too..... (GO VIKES)...  The poor Cricut had a hard time cutting out that Cowboy's star!!! (it would rather cut a VIKE!!!)     Sammie, you are a princess in every sense of the word and Hailey...Tinkerbell... what more can a grandma say???

Sure Do Love ya!!! Grandma Rhonda and Jay

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One of my favorite words, especially this time of year is the word Believe.  According to Webster's dictionary, Believe is to accept as true, genuine or real...

Using the right paper makes a big difference!  Prior to finding Memory Works, I found myself on a never ending search for the 'right' paper for my projects....  You know the story, an idea pops into your head, so you go searching for just the right paper.... hours & hours  spent scouring scrapbook stores only to come up empty handed or with 'make do' paper & supplies!  Words can't express the relief, happiness, and contentment I have since finding Memory Works!  No matter the project, the paper and supplies are a 'perfect'!!! 

I had alot of fun creating this mini album! Using my Cricut & Design Studio, I created and cut out the Word 'Believe' from an empty pop carton.  Jen Wilson's Signature Christmas Holiday Glitter Book papers add the feeling of magic to each page!  The sparkles are simply amazing!!  The finished book is approximately 5.5" x 12".

Never stop believing!!! ~Rhonda

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chestnuts Roasting on An Open Fire....

The sparkles, chill in the air and my scrap room are telling me Christmas is just around the corner!   There is just something about the Christmas Season that makes my heart sing!  This year all gifts under the tree are adorned with a handmade Christmas tag!  Wishing you a Season filled with warmth, happiness and love! ~Rhonda

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